"As a company offering an IoT platform to industry leaders, we need to control costs so that customers find us affordable. Using nOps, we are able to find unused resources and save thousands of dollars. With nOps' powerful search we can do resource utilization and spend efficiently, making cost management easy.”
Cyril Brignone
Chief Revenue Officer
“At the forefront is nOps, modern change management for cloud, from the smart gang at nClouds ... nOps was shaped directly by customers to help organizations do three things really well—go faster with control, manage cloud compliance and costs, and improve security.”
CIOReview, October 2017
"nOps gives us instant visibility into changes in our AWS infrastructure. As we transitioned to a new, more secure and scalable AWS infrastructure designed by our nClouds team, nOps provided daily alerts about changes and identified issues that we needed to address as we prepared for millions more users. Now, we've integrated nOps into our workflows."
Gabriel Adauto
Director of Engineering, Learning Games

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